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La Mer, GUESS, Swatch, JQ, Baisdn by Quartz, Micheal Kors, Ralph Loren and practically every watch brand has come up with their latest wrap watch trends. They come in beautiful and vibrant colors and look really chic too. Some of these wrap watches are highly practical like the ones by Swatch, they are less subjective than objective in their design element. Others have a more embellished and decorative range to choose from.


These brands have used various materials to give a distinguished look from each other. Swatch has come up with plain but vibrant colored plastic straps, wraps beautifully on your wrists, more for a sporty girl. Whereas Guess has used leather and paired it with metal beads. La Mer has shown more than ever interest in these wrap watches and has come up with beautiful wrap watches of different shades and designs. So if you want to get some ideas for your DIY wrap watches go Google and search through La Mer’s collection.


If you can’t go for the brands then you can always go for a DIY wrist wrap watch. But you have to be a little more creative with it. Take your wrist watch, the normal wrist watch you wear daily and pair it with studded or be-jeweled bracelets, or leather straps and add beads to your leather straps. You can also use metal chains or studded fabric or leather strips or even make your bracelet on the spot. Use pearls and shells and even stones to make your watch a little more interesting than usual.


The only difference between the branded and your DIY wrist wrap watch would be that the branded ones are all in one piece and your straps, bracelets, and chains would be separate. But you won’t see the difference once you’ve paired them together. After all it’s the collective look you want.

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