Winter Skin Care

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The winter maybe a holiday season for you, but it takes its toll on your skin, hair and nails. The chilly winds, glazing sun, hot baths and dry air all contribute to rough, itchy and irritated skin.  The moisture is stripped away from your hair, skin and nails. We are all much too familiar with gnarly, callused feet, chapped lips and the likes. Here are a few tips for winter skin care :

Avoid Hot Showers:


There is nothing more relaxing and calming than a nice long bath, where you can just stand and let boiling water drip on your shoulders and head. Long exposure to water may cause flaky skin and heat may damage the hair just as a blow dry or ironing does. However Thanks to gas shortages in Pakistan, it is very rare that you will experience this. Usually people just get a bucket full and limited time to quickly clean themselves with bearable water in ice cold bathrooms.



Regular application of a good dense moisturizer is the only solution to cracked heels, scaly hands, or skin that is tightened with oil deprivation. Glycerin, Vaseline, body butters, olive oil and bio oil, markets are full of product with in healthy monounsaturated fats that health smooth out skin, making it soft and supple. After taking a bath, massage these moisturizers all over your body and face. For pregnant ladies, the process should be repeated three times a day to control stretch marks around the stomach and thigh area.You should also replace you face wash, cleanser and tonners from alcohol to moisturizer based lotions.

Keep yourself hydrated


We tend to drink less water and/or liquids in general during winter. With not enough liquid in your body, the skin loses elasticity leaving it dull and dehydrated. Always keep a water bottle close so you don’t forget to sip in every now and then for a natural glow.

Cover yourself properly


If you are heading up north, then don’t forget your hat, scarf, gloves and proper jacket to avoid windburns. In the house cover your feet with cotton socks after moisturizing at night, this will help absorb the lotion better and you will feel a drastic difference the next morning.

Eat Right


Stock up on omega3, munch on nuts, eat fish at least once a week as all of the following foods will help keep you warm and boost collagen production in your skin.

 You can now buy moisturizers, cotton socks, fish oil and all other winter essentials online from and the likes. Be winter ready and do winter skin care in this dry weather, once damaged it is very hard to get back the stretch and suppleness of good skin.

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