Twisted sister bun!

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Are you twisted? Twisting your hair is now a common fashion. Twists are made at the sides and pinned with bobby pins or with any embellished pin. Twists are easy and quick and they make you look up to date.

Here’s a quick way to make a lovely messy twisted sisters bun,


1)    Brush out your hair properly to avoid tangles

2)    Make two twists at the side

3)    Pin them up with booby pins as you make your twists

4)    Twist the middle partition into a nice neat or messy whatever look you desire into a bun.

Buns look lovely over high necks, scarves, and cowls. All those ladies who are working women can also carry this easy casual style. You can even use pretty flowers to go with this for a nice formal brunch or lunch look. You don’t need a stylist now all you need is some effort, and even the lazy bums will now agree to try this new hairdo.

So, here’s the tip for the twisted sisters bun, don’t use any hair gel or hair spray, because you want your hair to look natural. Use hair serums for that extra shine and hair gloss.


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