Tote Bags

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This season carry tote bags, they are cool and casual and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


A tote bag falls into the category of handheld bags. It is quite a spacious one that is widely used for carrying manifold items. People carry it to carry books, cosmetics, tools and even beach wear. Practically, there’s no specific use of tote bags. They can be used for anything and everything as long as the bag can hold whatever item is being placed in it. Tote bags come in various colors and sizes. Since they are considered as heavy duty or rugged bags, they are usually made of nylon, canvas and other similar sturdy fabrics.

Here are some tote bags from Prada, Rochas, and Mulbery.


Prada plays with colour and adds a statement to your personality.


This tote bag by Rochas gives a very professional yet elegant and soft look to the carrier.


Mulbery came out with tote bags that are strictly professional and bold. It can be paired with almost any ensemble.



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