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This summer digital prints are storming in various branded stores. Whether they be on lawn, swiss lawn, t-shirts, prêt tops, or on scarves, they are making their way in the industry. Last year Khaadi came up with these prints and they were an instant hit. I’m sure we all remember the birds on the wire print, and the truck art kurtas. Kayseria introduced it later in the summer show casing truck art and cultural prints that had tops, and architectural buildings on them.

This year Nishat linen and Kayseria have come up with great prints, making collage prints with newspaper clippings and overlapping with different prints. These prints not only stand out but they totally break the monotony of our usual prints styles. The three piece suits that have the same repetition of design sometimes seem boring to the eye.


These prints give a fresh look and make you look younger and give out refreshing vibe. I found the stamp print really interesting from Kayseria summer collection, and you do find a lot of people wearing it now days.

It’s a good thing that people are more experimental now. There were times when people preferred to wear only pastel shades in the summers. Now people prefer to keep a broad color palette, so they have a variety to choose from. You find people wearing dark and bold colors in summers too.

Enjoy your summer shopping; don’t forget to have a look at these outlets for their digital prints.

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