Studded or Spiked!

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These days everything seems to be studded or spiked. You find it on everything from accessories to shoes, and even on clothes. Not only is it popular with teenagers but also school going kids. Recently, I saw really nice pair of studded pumps and boots for kids at Outfitters.


Watches and bracelets are paired together to get a high end look. Nowadays, people add studs and spikes on many things from purses, clutches, shoes, heels, and other accessories to get a punk, hip-hop look, and alt-culture jackets. There is no end to making your items look brilliant, dramatic, and stand out as unique.


Clutches in vibrant tones are studded to give a strong medieval look. Even studded nail art is so popular and is pretty expensive. Not many salons in Pakistan offer this service. Sweaters that have studs and spikes are also considered favorites among young kids. Gloves and leather jackets also have spikes on them that give a rugged look.


Studs are also paired with pearls for a more feminine look. Spikes call for rage, while studs go for a softer side. Heels have studs at the back and sometimes they are all covered with studs of different sizes and shapes.

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    Lovely accessories

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