Salads are your best friends

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How does it feel when you are chewing on a luscious juicy beef steak and someone suddenly suggests that you should go for a salad instead. You would probably beat them into a pulp right? Well here are few reasons why you should actually listen to them:

1. Easy on the platter

If you regularly have problems with digestion it is more than obvious that the steak is not helping you there and what you actually need is a good amount of fibre; something that a healthy salad would provide, no one is stopping you from having a few strips of the steak as well, have fun go crazy with your salad.

2. Slows down Aging

If you liked the reason above you will love this one; eating a fresh green salad will not only refresh you but it will also slow down your aging? Unbelievable? Believe it! This is because the leafy bits and the fruits and vegetables provide you with antioxidents like Vitamin A, Vitmain C, Vitamin E and carotene.

3. Cutting down on Your weight

Of course last but not least it will help you cut down on your weight, who can resist a salad now?

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