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  • Sibling-Rivalry

    Why sibling rivalry is good?

    Jun 9, 14 • 1544 Views • FamilyNo Comments

    Sibling rivalry the dreaded battle zone that your house frequently turns into once you have more children; while it may sound like a bad thing; here are a few reasons why sibling rivalry is good. 1. Confidence Boost If a child knows how to protect himself at...

  • partner

    Is your best friend your ideal partner?

    Dec 9, 13 • 1279 Views • Love LifeNo Comments

    The general idea is; make a friend and they will be an ideal partner; what else could you ask for? Well here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t promote your best friend to your partner. Before you decided to promote him; he was a true friend to you; you...

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    3 Signs that you love your phone more than your child

    Dec 6, 13 • 1077 Views • Love LifeNo Comments

    It may sound silly but research shows that with the recent obsession with mobile phones; more and more parents get distracted by their mobile phones as a result of which their children may become anti-social and even seek to do dangerous attention seeking...