Get that Picturesque look in interiors!

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Get that picturesque look in interiors by placing picture windows, be it in a house, office, workspace, parlors, café, and so forth. Picture windows make a connection between the both exteriors and interiors giving the viewer more to see and more to enjoy. Picture windows can be stationary, rectangular, non-opening windows that allow light into the room and create that dramatic effect bringing your exteriors to the inside.


It adds a character, shows ones personality, and if you’re the kind of person who loves to read and enjoy life as it is then you need a great setting. Placing a picture window in a small room makes it look a little wider then it usually is with the exception that you don’t put heavy curtains on them.


Usually in Pakistan we find fixed picture windows placed on walls that flaunt the stairs, on terraces, and mainly on the top of main doors of the house. Picture windows look great where you have back yard or a court yard, and apartments with big windows give a nice openness to the whole ambience.


If you have a big house with big windows then you can have heavy window treatments with drapes and tassels. Don’t go for blinds as they are too plain you don’t want to bore people, you want to create interest in the room.  If you still want to rest on your blinds then add some draperies. Big windows give big dramatic feeling to the room.


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