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Get the perfect nail look! There is no ideal nail shape; as the nail shape will always depend on the individuals’ preferences. However there are several options you can choose from and some that give more stability to your nails, therefore allowing them to grow longer without breaking.

There are many quarrels over the shapes of nails but the most talked about are:

1)    Oval shaped


2)    Square shaped


3)    Sqoval


4)    Almond or stiletto shaped


5)    Round


These nail shapes suit each individual according to their nail beds. You either have round nail bed or flat round beds. Sqoval and round shape suits all types of nails. Sqoval shape is achieved from filing your nail in square shape and then rounding your ends to achieve a softer subtle look.


Nail shapes are changed just to get a different look every time you paint your nails, so that you don’t get bored with the same look, just like you get your routine haircuts. Sometimes we prefer short hair while sometimes it’s nice to grow your hair long and in both looks you somehow manage to look a little different.

Change is nice but at the end of the day make sure that whatever nail shape you choose, your nails should be strong and healthy and not create a fuss in your normal day routine.

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