Eat right and loose that extra fat!

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It’s important to know what are the do’s and don’ts of good eating habits. Start by following these steps to see fast and quick way of burning those calories by the intake of good healthy food. Don’t forget to jog or walk for at least 20 minutes after every meal. Try these tips and you will feel that not only will you reduce that extra fat but you will feel revitalized and your skin will definitely start glowing.


1)    Peruse perimeters- next time you do groceries watch what your buying

2)    Stock the fridge with healthy food

3)    Eat in the A.M

4)    Serve restaurant style- small portions

5)    Use smaller plates

6)    Chew your food slowly

7)    Deep freeze- once you have served yourself a reasonable portion stash up the rest portion for later meal

8)    Wait for grabbing seconds- at least wait for 20 min before you go for a small second serving

9)    Eat on a proper table without any distraction from tv or music

10) Turn your back on temptations

11) Place a mirror a long one too outside or inside your bathroom

12) Pack proteins

13) Fill up on fiber

14) Don’t forget to make room for healthy oils, like olive, castor and almond oil

15) Sneak in veggies

16) Ditch sugars

17) Chew gum

18) Sip green tea

19) Pregaming a meal with a glass water- have water before you start eating a meal

20) Water! Have lots of water


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