Lighten up your Interiors!

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Designing your home lighting is often left to the last minute, everyone is tired and just want to get the job finished and unfortunately hasty decisions are often made, with a lot of regret.

Lighting home interiors should be considered along with the space planning and decoration planning as it relates directly to how each space is perceived.

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Poor lighting selection can wash out color and texture, and make the room look less than ordinary.

Whereas careful considered interior lighting selection can greatly enhance even the simplest of interior design features.

What is Lighting?

The definition for home interior design lighting is simply a vehicle for us to be able to carry out tasks comfortably in our homes.

It is necessary to consider and design the lighting in conjunction with all your interior design selections as without lighting you will not be able to view your hard work. Therefore paying close attention to lighting will be very valuable in creating your new environments. It may seem like a technical subject that is daunting, but we have simplified it for you. This website will provide basic training for you to be able to ask the right questions of a supplier and/or provide a thorough brief to a professional lighting designer should you choose. If you feel really confident you could attempt the lighting design yourself, and have it verified by a professional.

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Purpose of lighting:

We use light in buildings for the following reasons:

  • To carry out tasks or work -reading writing operating equipment.
  • To create an area of comfort or an amenity – this is general lighting to live with either by daylight or artificial light and direct sunlight.
  • To create effects for aesthetics – displays, artwork, shadows definition.
  • To ensure safety – ensuring appropriate lighting levels for all those using the facility.

Types of Lighting:

General light: A general light, is a light that is an overall source. The general light hasn’t had its light focused into a beam or set in a particular direction. The light shines in all directions from its source without obstruction, glass and translucent shades are included in this.

Directional Light:

Directional light is light that is focused and forced to travel in a particular direction either by a reflector or baffle. This may be a spotlight of any sort or a lamp with an opaque shade (not translucent) so that the light goes in a particular direction.

Reflected Light:

Reflected light is bounced off another object, usually a wall or a ceiling. It can be part of a fitting or bulb. It comes from a directional light source usually but has the light diffused by the reflection. Rather than a spotlight shining directly on an object the light is bounced off a wall or ceiling to subtly and/or softly illuminate rather than the full intensity of directional light.

Uplighters and Downlighters:

These are forms of spotlights that rely on reflected light off the floor or the ceiling, although a down light can be used to illuminate an object directly at a pinch.

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