Know Your Undertone Before buying Makeup

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Makeup is the most essential part of the women’s enhanced beauty. Fresher looking skin and spotless skin have lots to do with the foundation. A right choice of foundation can make you look more beautiful and at the same time a foundation not correctly chosen can destroy the whole look and whole makeup. At the same time quality of the foundation also contributes a lot towards your healthy skin maintenance. One of the most important and foremost step towards buying the most suited foundation for your skin is to know your undertone.

What are Undertones?

Undertone can be taken to as the color that is beneath the skin. The difference in outer world temperatures can change the skin tone but they cannot change the undertone of a human being. Special care should be taken to figure out the undertone to select the makeup that would best work on your skin. Undertone can be distributed into categories and sometime mix of these undertone categories is used.
Cool Undertones` People: Usually people with darker brown, reddish and blue undertones and normal brown people with pink undertone are said to have the cool undertone. The foundation for these persons should always be pink based.

Olive Undertones` Holders: Peoples with olive undertone usually have Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heritage. The distinction between warm/yellow and olive skin tones is some of the time different. People of this skin types should go for sheer and matte.

Neutral Undertone is Ideal One: Peoples with neutral undertone can enjoy the benefits of both the cool and warm undertones. Mix of both the undertones can go towards neutral undertone they can have the traits of both the skin types. So it can be easier to select makeups for this skin type.


Determine your Undertone with Vein Method: The vein on the underside of the forearm can be seen in the sunlight to determine the skin tone. This method can prove to be so much beneficial for identifying the right undertone. Bluish veins show the cool skin tone, yellowish or greenish show warm undertone and if its mix of both than it can be taken to as the neutral skin undertone.

Mineral Foundation1

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