Some Inexpensive Wall Treatments!

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Walls to any room can either give you the feeling of openness or it can give u an enclosure. Wall treatments vary from room to room, according to ones needs. Like if you have a studio where you play hard core music you need acoustics to prevent all that noise ringing into other people ears. To spare those whom we most love we go for insulated walls and very expensive linings that cover the walls, doors, and even our floors. What we’re missing is that nature itself has provided us with some easy, readily available materials that are so easy to install, and not ask for much maintenance.

Ceramic is one material that absorbs sound, which is why some intelligent people use ceramic as for making their domes, and cover their walls with wall sized ceramics murals to get a good look, no maintenance, and less pricey solution to their acoustic related problems.

Wood is a material that adds a different character to your room. These days you find wood treatments in café’s and hotel lobbys. Wood chippings, blocks, textures, pilings, are now replaced with the old fashioned wood paneling. It gives a raw look, yet very retro. Wood treatment in rooms will give a nice warm welcoming feeling.

Brass discs are also very chic. They would look lovely in places where you would want to add some glamour. All you need are brass discs and some nails, and voila you have a dramatic wall treatment that will catch everyone’s attention.

Cracked plaster over a brick wall also looks nice but it will give a very lay back effect. You can use this kind of treatment in a bar, café, outside on the deck, or even as a head dress on the back of your bed. It totally depends on your taste.

Artificial wood grooves are also made to get an artistic look. Here you see I have shared a picture of a white wall that has black grooves and you see that the grooves widen where you have the picture and the socket. It adds drama to your room and makes you feel that everything was meant to be where was placed and it fits right in it’s own right.

Mirror cut outs placed in different angles, give a nice open feeling. Mirror’s always tend to make your room wider and keep the eye movement going.

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