Home Remedies for Dry Skin!

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Winters are here to stay and we need to be extra careful about are skin, as our skin is the largest cleansing organ in our body. Try to detox your skin with soft hand brushing. Small brushes are available at stores that have soft bristles, go for these brushes and brush your skin on regular basis to detox your skin.

Brushing your skin will accelerate toxin elimination in your body, improves circulation, stimulates hormones producing glands, improves lymphatic function, improves your immune system, tightens your skin, and definitely slows down ageing. Try to keep a brush next to your toiletry items so that when you go for a bath and you take the pre- bath usuals like oiling your hair before taking a bath, you can sit on the toilet seat and brush your skin and then apply calamine or olive oil after your through with the brushing routine.

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Small round brushes are also available for face brushing, the bristles are even softer and silkier then the regular body brush. Many face creams are available in the market for dry skin but their effects don’t last long. Home remedies are the best solutions for dry skin. They don’t cost that much and there effects are clear and you get great results. Here are some home remedies for dry skin:

1)    Honey: use honey and add a pinch of salt to it


2)    Banana: Mash banana into a paste form and apply that on your face, think of all the potassium your skin will get from it

3)    Almonds: ground almonds and use it with honey, as a scrub

4)    Egg whites: take one egg white add a few drops of lemon to get rid of the odor and add olive oil and whip it together and viola you have tightening mask

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5)    Cucumber: Cucumber mask that is also a tightening mask. Take out cucumber juice and mix in a egg white and apply with a brush.

6)    Aloe Vera: Take out Aloe Vera gel out of the plants leaf and apply it to your face with lemon juice and you will get such soothing results.

7)    Avocado: Mash avocado and apply it to your skin to get a proteins and replenish your skin for a glow.


These days make up is also manufactured according to skin types. Compact powders and foundations are made for dry skin to avoid damaging your skin and instead moisturize it for you.

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