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  • Purple bathroom

    Orchid Purple in Interiors

    Jan 20, 14 • 1465 Views • Color & TrendsNo Comments

    Pantone color of the year has spread the color orchid purple everywhere.  We see the use of orchid purples in interiors in different tints and shades, from pastel hues to dark royal tones. In interiors it’s important to see how much your room is lit. Light...

  • colour interior

    Emerald Interiors!

    Nov 13, 13 • 778 Views • Color & TrendsNo Comments

    Emerald is not only to be seen on ramp this year but emerald color is used in interiors too, to give a soothing and relaxing feeling. Emerald green gives a revitalizing effect when ones eye is drawn towards it. It is universally appealing and liked by all....

  • ten designer-emphasis on art

    Ten Designers, Ten Predictions for 2014!

    Nov 7, 13 • 8087 Views • Color & TrendsNo Comments

    1)      Brass “I’m crushing on brass! I love how it revs up any space. It’s timeless and affordable. What’s not to like?” — Melissa Rufty 2)      Elegant, Graceful Design “Enough with the plain. I think people...

  • Untitled

    Bold it Black!

    Nov 4, 13 • 708 Views • Color & TrendsNo Comments

    Working with black tones is quiet challenging when your placing black tones in your interiors, it should be kept in mind that black would rather suit in hallways or dark cool spaces rather then warm spaces, where you have your windows or open spaces. Black...