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  • 02b01283

    Increasing demand of eco-friendly homes in Pakistan

    Jul 23, 15 • 1196 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

      Pakistani house-hunters have made eco-friendly homes and sustainable housing features a priority, when it comes to buying or renting houses. These sustainable features have become a necessity due to the persistent 13-15 hours of load-shedding that...

  • bedroom_bluie

    A guide for painting your Room!

    Sep 11, 14 • 1679 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    The color scheme of a room can often be the most edgy and defining feature of the room. Ever moved into a house with horrible and dirty white walls? Ever wanted to change the look of your room without investing a fortune in it? Well then the solution is...

  • DSC_0162

    Add vintage elements to your homes

    Aug 28, 14 • 1496 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    “Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new…” The recipe for the perfect interior is not much different than a bride’s mantra for the perfect wedding day. Adding vintage elements has always been something special....

  • dreamstime_27401381turkish-lamps1

    Turkish Hanging Lamps by Ottoman

    Jun 16, 14 • 3181 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    If you’re a person who is mesmerized at looking at beautiful colored glass, then you are definitely up for these traditional Turkish hanging lamps. Glass plays its own grand look to any interior accessory, finishing, or treatment at home. Glass is composed...

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    Curved Curtain Rods

    Jun 13, 14 • 1781 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Curtains styles are often changed from time to time. Some are flaunted with beautiful lacey drapes while some are loaded with heavy drapes. Curtains add a flow to your room; they cut the totally straight running lines that we see on our walls, furnishings,...

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    Arches in Interiors & Exteriors

    Jun 6, 14 • 1774 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Arches add character to your interiors as well as in your exteriors. Arches in interiors give a grand look and add a dramatic effect. You don’t need a big house or a big villa to add  an arch, arches can be placed in small houses too but their placement...

  • brass discs

    Some Inexpensive Wall Treatments!

    May 28, 14 • 1401 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Walls to any room can either give you the feeling of openness or it can give u an enclosure. Wall treatments vary from room to room, according to ones needs. Like if you have a studio where you play hard core music you need acoustics to prevent all that noise...

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    Khaadi Interiors

    May 5, 14 • 3842 Views • TextileNo Comments

    Khaadi Interiors – Khaadi is a brand that has marked it’s niche everywhere. You find everything to it’s perfection. From colors to prints, from form to design, it has satisfied it’s client at it’s best. Their outlet in Clifton, Karachi houses...

  • modern_living_room_with_big_windows_3d_model_56d7f0b6-f52e-40f9-81bc-7c30852d6850

    Get that Picturesque look in interiors!

    Jan 30, 14 • 2374 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Get that picturesque look in interiors by placing picture windows, be it in a house, office, workspace, parlors, café, and so forth. Picture windows make a connection between the both exteriors and interiors giving the viewer more to see and more to enjoy....

  • Purple bathroom

    Orchid Purple in Interiors

    Jan 20, 14 • 1465 Views • Color & TrendsNo Comments

    Pantone color of the year has spread the color orchid purple everywhere.  We see the use of orchid purples in interiors in different tints and shades, from pastel hues to dark royal tones. In interiors it’s important to see how much your room is lit. Light...