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    Tea Health Benefits

    Sep 5, 14 • 5352 Views • Health1 Comment

    Want to know tea health benefits? Different types of teas have different benefits. Tea is a good detox, it clears away all the harmful chemicals from your body. Refreshes you and rejuvenates your skin and your mood. Instead of having black coffee or holding...

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    GO Granola Snack!

    Aug 27, 14 • 1723 Views • HealthNo Comments

    Want a healthy Granola snack? a snack that you can prepare and store for later. Then here are your 5 ingredients: Ingredients 1 cup packed dates, pitted 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup creamy salted natural peanut butter or almond butter 1 cup roasted unsalted almonds,...

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    6 Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    Jul 22, 14 • 1191 Views • HealthNo Comments

    If you want some really good super refreshing healthy smoothie recipes to beat the heat, then today is your lucky day. Here are 6 really tasty, refreshing smoothies that you can easily make at home and the best part is their preparation time is just 2-3...

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    3 Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

    Jun 3, 14 • 1114 Views • HealthNo Comments

    Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy Having a baby is one of the many miracles of life during which a woman must remember that whatever she eats will affect her unborn child. The following are the 3 Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy: 1. Sushi, shellfish and under cooked...

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    Loose weight with Cinnamon Honey Tea

    May 5, 14 • 1967 Views • Health1 Comment

    Guess what! Cinnamon is loaded with more than just spicy goodness. If you want to shed some fat, then you need to try cinnamon honey tea out. All you need is to be a little patient and be punctual on taking this tea and make it a routine of having one cup in...

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    Salads are your best friends

    Dec 13, 13 • 1219 Views • HealthNo Comments

    How does it feel when you are chewing on a luscious juicy beef steak and someone suddenly suggests that you should go for a salad instead. You would probably beat them into a pulp right? Well here are few reasons why you should actually listen to them: 1....

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    5 Ways to keep your energy up at the office

    Dec 12, 13 • 1519 Views • HealthNo Comments

    If zoning out at the office has become an everyday event and multiple coffee breaks do not help; it is a sign from the brain pleading to boast up on energy supply. Following are the 5 ways to keep your energy up at the office: 1. Early sleep-ins On most days...

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    3 Tips for a Flat Stomach

    Dec 11, 13 • 1313 Views • HealthNo Comments

    With summer around the corner; having a flat stomach becomes a seasonal must; here are top 3 tips for a flat stomach: 1. Drink more Water Water is a magical solution to all your problems; when your water intake goes up; your body gets balanced and that...

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    Eat right and loose that extra fat!

    Dec 4, 13 • 706 Views • HealthNo Comments

    It’s important to know what are the do’s and don’ts of good eating habits. Start by following these steps to see fast and quick way of burning those calories by the intake of good healthy food. Don’t forget to jog or walk for at least 20 minutes after...

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    3 Reasons to work out in the morning

    Nov 4, 13 • 617 Views • HealthNo Comments

    So clearly you are not the early bird and you just about hate mornings. Why would you ever even consider waking an hour earlier than necessary to work out? Here are 3 reasons that will make you want to wake up every morning: 1. Fresh Oxygen Intake Most people...