Hair Notion: Choose your style!

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Hair may be of different types depending on their lengths and textures.  Some people like to keep their hair long; others prefer to cut them short hair. Medium hair length is also kept for no fuss hair dos. Wavy hair and curly hair are these days considered to be the in thing among young girls. Even girls that have straight hair use curling rods or even a straighter to add those extra loose curls.

This year Bob cut was really popular, maybe Gossip girl might be a factor that made bob cut so huge. But most celebrities followed this trend which intern led to huge fan following and people adopted this style.

Perming your hair adds volume to your hair. Perming might help those who are least bothered to get up and make their hair, so when your hair are permed you don’t have much of a choice for any up do.

Rebounding is also done to get dead straight hair, people with really frizzy hair get a lot of better results from rebounding. The only set back is that it does not allow much volume. So it’s better that people who have thicker hair should get this treatment, because it will look nice and the volume issue won’t come up but people who have thinner hair should not opt for it and especially if u are slightly overweight.

But it’s very important to know how healthy your hair is, take extra care to replenish your hair with all the essential oils and minerals. We don’t give much attention to our hair until we see them ending up in our hair brushes and get an alarming set back. So oil your hair on regular basis, apply egg whites for that extra sheen and gloss and flaunt your mane with any style you choose.

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