A guide for painting your Room!

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The color scheme of a room can often be the most edgy and defining feature of the room. Ever moved into a house with horrible and dirty white walls? Ever wanted to change the look of your room without investing a fortune in it? Well then the solution is simple, get ready to paint it up! Here are few suggestions for painting your room.

Clean the walls               

Walls can often have a lot of grime and grease on them (especially kitchens) and even dust that you may not notice in routine. This coating of dirt can be a huge hindrance in the painting process. Make sure you wash and dust the walls to remove any superficial layer on them and then scrub them with sandpaper for further neatness and to even out any bumps.

Protect the room

You don’t want to ruin that polished, precious wooden or marble floor or the adjoining wall in case you are painting one wall only. Protect the floor by placing thick plastic sheets or spare cloth on them to avoid splashes of permanent paint or ladder scratches. Also place adhesive tape along the edge where two walls meet to achieve clean paint lines at the edges.

Get painting!

Firstly, choose the color wisely. You may go for subtle pastels or sultry, bold colors or patterns such as stripes, depending on your mood and the previous look of the room. In order to help you choose wisely, paint small square portions on a wall to get a sneak peek into how the paint turns out

Once you are done with selecting the paint, buy an appropriate roller or brush. Use a synthetic one with water-based paints and natural ones with oil-based paints. Finally, start painting your wall. According to an article here, “When using brushes, dip the bristles one third of the way into the paint and tap it against the side of the tin to remove excess. Remember you will most likely need to apply a second coat – but make sure the paint has enough time to dry between applications.”


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