3 Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

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Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the many miracles of life during which a woman must remember that whatever she eats will affect her unborn child. The following are the 3 Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy:

1. Sushi, shellfish and under cooked fish

A pregnant woman should under all circumstances avoid raw or undercooked fish of any kind as such food may contain parasites and bacteria.

2. Raw Cookie Dough

The best part about baking is to lick away remains of the cookie dough but when the baker is a pregnant woman she must avoid such a temptation as the raw dough may be a perfect nesting ground for Salmonella.

3. Soft Cheese

A pregnant woman may opt for hard cheeses like Cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese but she should avoid soft cheeses as they are made from unpasteurised milk which may contain Listeria or E Coli.

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