Flaunt Latest Trends in Saris!

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Saris are beautiful and drape the whole contour of a female body. Saris are adorned both in Pakistan but most popularly in India. Bollywood actress are given proper lessons how to carry a sari on a red carpet which is why they look so elegant and beautiful and walk with a mesmerizing gait.

This winter the latest trends for adorning a sari are long sleeve blouses with beautiful banarsi or embellished embroidered cuffs. One tone blouse that is simple yet properly tailored to fit one. The necklines are worn both high and low depending on your accessories. Pakistani brands like Bareeze has also featured saris with long sleeve blouses in their new winter collection

Two toned saris are also really in this year. Most popularly they are seen in darker tones at the bottom and lighter more subdued tones on the top, but colors both merge in the center to give more of a rhythmic and blended value rather than look totally stark.

Colors like pinks, navy blues, dull gold, skin tones like the nude colors, and even jeweled colors like ruby red, rust, and emeralds are really in. Shocking pink is paired with a really nude peach at the top. Grays are paired with navy or turquoise shades.

Saris are also worn with a gown. These gowns look really nice and add a different character to the whole garment. Both Pakistani and Indian designers have experimented with fashionably tailored gowns over saris.



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  1. maleeha says:

    thanx got loads of help was a little confused what colour i should choose for my sari and will definitely try the long sleeve blouse.

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