Eye for an Eyeliner!

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Still wearing black eyeliner for every event, season and mood? To liven up your look, start wearing colored eyeliner and I’m thrilled to report: I’m in love.  I’m able to brighten up my look without looking like a showgirl or like I just stepped out of the 80s.


Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

1)    Be yourself

While the eyes of that supermodel on every other magazine page may be intriguing, ask yourself: would I wear the look to work? To the store? Be realistic with your style and don’t force a teal and orange cat eye if it’s not your thing. Know what works for you and stay within your comfort zone.


2)    Mix things up

Mix colored eyeliners, or use subtle colors at first like navy blue, or a dark brown pencil. You can also pair it with a black liner first and then apply your colored pencil on top of it.


3)    Know what works for your eye color

Finding green eyeliner that perfectly matches an emerald sweater may make us feel like we hit the color wheel jackpot but let this be more about the color of eyes rather than our clothes.  Eyes can stand out with the right colored liner, so stick with this rule of thumb:

  • Brown eyes (lucky ladies: most shades work nicely with brown or hazel eyes): purples, blues
  • Blue eyes:  pinks, bronze, copper
  • Green eyes: lavender, plum

coloredel7 coloured eye liner1

4)     Easy does it

Wearing colored liner can definitely update our look.  But coupling green liner with emerald shadow and pine-green tinted mascara is overdoing it big-time.  Beauchamp, who says her favorites are blue, purple and evergreen, has this ”must” for ladies who wear colored eyeliner: “Stick with traditional black or dark brown mascara so the look isn’t overboard.”

coloredel5 coloredel4

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