Make Your Own Custom Made Lip Gloss

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Custom Made Lip Gloss

If your one of those people who love to mix up their own lipstick and eye shadow shades to get a different yet chic look, then you must try making your own custom made lip gloss!


If your obsessed with an eye shade color which you would love to have as on your lip, then you can certainly make your very own custom made lip gloss that’s totally to your liking. You can use all kinds of eye shades, matt or shiny, or even the ones that have a pearly effect. The ones with the pearly effect can give you a great highlight on the middle of both your upper and lower lip, just be sure to blend it in.

All you need is:

  • Petroleum jelly/or any transparent balm or lip gloss
  • Eye shadow of your liking
  • A spoon
  • A brush

Now take a spoon and add your petroleum jelly/ balm/gloss, which ever you use just make sure it’s transparent, add your eye shadow in small amounts and use your brush to blend in your color until you achieve the desired tone.



There! You have it! You have just made a DIY lip shade that is totally custom made just for you! You can store your lip shade in a small tin or any plastic case box, so that you can use it whenever you want any touch ups!

Custom Made Lip Gloss

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