Curved Curtain Rods

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Curtains styles are often changed from time to time. Some are flaunted with beautiful lacey drapes while some are loaded with heavy drapes. Curtains add a flow to your room; they cut the totally straight running lines that we see on our walls, furnishings, and accessories.  The conventional curtain rods are all straight. They might be two rods put together for sheers and front panels, but they are all straight. The new trend on the block is replacing these old straight rods to curved curtain rods.


Now I know many of you might be thinking maybe I’m referring to bay windows here, but I’m saying this for all kinds of windows, even straight ones. Now comes the notion of how you can put up sheer curtains with front curtains, for that you need to use a traverse rod, a double brass custom or manufactured curved rod where the front rod is used to hold the drapery panels and the back rod is used to hold t060504_P 0025


Many interior designers have used the curved rod in kids room, where in one corner a curved rod is placed and curtains are put up. They place a reading rack complimented with a bean bag on the floor, or a dress up changing room.


Curved curtain rods are also used in bathrooms too. It is not necessary that you have to have a curved wall for a curved rod, it’s like when we plan to make are curtains bigger then our window, so that the window space looks big when curtains are drawn. Likewise the curved curtain rods give a different illusion.Others have used in living and dining rooms to get the majestic look. It gives a very expensive yet chic look to your living space.


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