Corner Setting – Do it right!

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Corner setting sometimes becomes a hassle if it’s done wrong. You need to first look at your circulation space, meaning the space that is being used at all times when going in and out of any room in the house. Circulation spaces are very important, as they tell you which track is used most.


So if there is one corner of the room that is not touched much can have beautiful sculptures or any art related pieces and even crystal ornaments. You can also place beautiful shelves with your art collections for display. Lay out a tier of pictures on the wall. Corner walls can also have shelves with books in them to give a nice warm feeling in the living room or a study area.

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Corners that are near the circulation space need to be well planned and well executed. So the setting lasts longer than usual. Corner setting in such areas can have mirrors at the back to give more openness to the space as it will look less crowded. Sleek chairs or one seater sofa can be placed in front of the mirror. So if you’re doing your regular chores, or waiting for the timer then you can sit back and relax grab a book by the nearest rack and sit and read, or knit, or whatever you find interest in.

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Corner setting in study area, or a home office area are not too difficult to handle as we easily find L-shaped tables, where one can place their lap top and other essentials on table top. Hanging storage shelves are also available in the market to make things easy. Shelves can be placed for reference books and long cane baskets can be placed in corners for scrolls and other chart papers.


Corner settings in bathrooms is sometimes tricky, but if you place your sink in the corner, in a triangle manner that will take up less space and make your bathroom look more spacious. If you have glass vessel enclosed bath areas they can also be placed on the corners.


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