Coconut for Skin

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Coconut is not only great for hair as we traditionally relate it just to our hair but it’s great to use coconut for skin too. If you look and search in the market, for products that have coconut extracts in them you will come across almost every product that has or either uses coconut extracts as a base for their product or use it in small amounts.

Here I am going to discuss some products related to personal hygiene that we use daily, should have some or certain amount of coconut extracts so as to ensure proper moisturizing and hydrating effects on our skin.

1)    Cuticle cream


2)    After shave

3)    Hair gel

4)    Stretch marks cream

5)    Hair conditioner

6)    Nail strengthener

7)    Body scrub

8)    Face wash/soap

9)    Makeup remover

10)  Eye cream

11)  Ear cleaner

12)  Prevents split ends

13)  Helps remove dandruff from hair

14)  Exfoliator

15)  Lip balm


16)  Wrinkle creams

17)  Massage oil

photo (16)

18)  Pore minimize

19)  Sunscreen

20)  Hand sanitizer

Coconut Oil is great to even cook with. Essential oils are essential because our body needs them, which is why they are called good oils. If you are on a diet do not forget to add these good oils, like instead of adding a pre- prepared dressing add castor oil, or olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil, that replenish and help stimulate your blood circulation in the body so as to get rid of dead cells and make new cells in the body. Giving you a healthy happy looking skin!


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