Choosing the right brush for your hair

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Choosing the right brush for your hair can be very tricky!

This is where we help you choose the best hair brushes for your hair care. Hair brushes come in all different sizes and shapes and we all have been in this situation where we have stood in front of the brushes rack in a store and go clueless. We just keep on questioning ourselves,

  • Which brush to choose from?
  • Should the bristles be soft or firm?
  • Can I easily handle such a big brush?
  • Is this hair brush suitable for my hair style?
  • I think this brush might give me tangles or maybe I don’t know how to use it?

Well this is where we answer your questions!

Types of Bristles:

Boar: This bristle is the actual hair of a boar (hog). Boar bristles are considered ideal because they close the cuticle layer — the outside armor of your hair — and create shiny hair. Because boar bristles tend to be weak, manufacturers usually mix them with nylon bristles, so they don’t break while you’re brushing through your hair. Boar bristles are natural, soft, flexible bristles that gently brush the hair and are suitable for use on children.

Nylon: Nylon bristles offer little to maximum control, depending on how closely the bristles are placed and how flexible the material. As a rule, the stiffer and more closely spaced the bristle, the more control you have over the hair.

Plastic: Plastic bristles are good too, some of the brands offer rounded tip plastic bristles that help in regulating your blood stream and increase your hair growth.


Types of Brushes:

Brushes are of different sizes and shapes but here I’m going to discuss hair brushes according to your hair type.

Dry hair and damaged hair:

dry hair

For dry and damaged hair use hair bushes with bristles that are soft and round at the end. For a nice soothing massage you can put bees wax on the ball tips and brush your hair from the roots. You can also apply oil like almond and castor oil on the ball tips and then gently brush your hair. Never pull your hair, that always breaks your hair resulting in split ends.

Oily hair



Hair brushes for oily hair are usually the plastic bristles ones and you can also go for wooden combs. Bristles that are a little apart not too thickly set in the brush are more preferred for oily hair.

Thick hair

thick hair


For thick hair you can go for thick bristled brush and brush your hair regularly. Brushes for thick hair are usually bigger in size then normal brushes normally the square headed ones.

Thin hair

thin hair

Thin hair  tend to break more easily if you are not using the right brush for your hair. The bristles have to be extra soft. Brush your hair but with a slow hand movement. Do not rush yourself when brushing out your hair and never vigorously rub your hair with a towel.

Curly hair

curly hair brush

We have a wide range of round brushes available in the market for curly and styled hair. You can choose any brush just keep in mind that the bristles should be not too firm and not too soft to avoid tangles afterwards.

Frizzy hair


Tricky hair, bad hair day! Frizzy hair can only be treated with serums and the right brush would be a brush that has bristles that are placed far apart. Always use light serums with brushing and it will help you to achieve a better healthier look that everyone wants.

So Check on your brushes again, and change your brushes according to your hair type!


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