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If you have that macho, chiseled chest made for slim fits then this your season! If you don’t have the chiseled chest and you have a petite body you can still go for slim fit dress don’t get upset. Take it from Hollywood celebrities in slim fit that have found their stride as a clean cut, yet laid back look with simple silhouettes, with some pops of color here and there, usually in sneakers.


Our very own Will smith, age 45, carries himself so well that even if it’s a formal wear, he knows how he will groove it right. Check him out in the cherry red slim fit three piece suit. Now that, only he carry that with a handsome look.


Ryan’s one of the only Hollywood men who can keep things really exciting on the red carpet, showing up in velvet suits, saddle shoes and trousers so very slim-cut. And when he’s not posing for flashbulbs, he’s got the most effortlessly cool everyday wardrobe, full of tough jackets, and vintage tees.


Elba is a commanding presence who can pull off bolder styles, from spread collar shirts and playful beanies to colorful pants.


The timeless combination of motorcycle jackets, aviator sunglasses and tattoos can come off as cliche; but Justin Theroux makes it look like he’s the one who came out with the combo.


Pharrell likes to take a classic look, whether it be a tuxedo or cardigan, and twist it ever so slightly. The result? Something so original you’ve never seen anything like it.


JGL’s clothes speak volumes in understated tones, whether it’s a slim-cut tweed suit or a basic sweater and jeans. For regular guys looking for fashionable dudes to emulate, Joseph’s the most relatable icon out there.

These were some of the hottest most handsome guys in Hollywood who you could seriously look upto when dressing up or changing your wardrobe for this season. You need to have confidence in what you wear, that is the only way you cud get it right, be it on a red carpet or on a daily basis routine, mark your style.

Burberry-Prorsum-mens-cotton-slim-fit-shirt-2 Burberry-Prorsum-mens-cotton-slim-fit-shirt-1

Make your own style statement.

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