Bejeweled in Ottoman Jewels

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Ottoman jewels brings to Pakistan for the very first time authentic Turkish ornaments including Ottoman style jewelry comprising mainly of precious and semi-precious stones both in silver and bronze setting, along with hand made mosaic lamps, hand-crafted ceramic bowls from Kutahya and other Turkish handicrafts.

This jewel shop is worth visiting and if you are not Islamabad based then like me you can see their facebook page and order some beautiful yet exquisite pieces. I love chunky bold eye catching pieces and they have some of the most amazing designs in that line. They also have very delicate pieces that are intricately and delicately executed.

From rings to bracelets, and necklaces and even head gears just like the ones you see in the “Mera Sultan” series is all to be found here. Turkish culture is very rich as it has had many different influences from it’s past history. Celtic German designs are clearly to be seen in their design. Each piece looks as if it has been gilded and gives a very gothic look.

Stones that are rich in tone like rubies, emeralds, cats eyes, opal, are seen. Both precious and semi-precious stones are incorporated in design and I must tell you that their finishing is really fine.

I love the Surah Ikhlas ring and the Kalima ring dial. They are set in these beautiful gold medallions. Each piece stands out, and you want to buy more and more of these pieces, as each piece is so unique in design.

Their new spring/summer collection is in and you must have a look at them. They are brilliant in their own say. So when you have the time you must visit their shop or their facebook page, and seriously you won’t regret it!

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  1. sara salman says:

    very different jewelry. the colours are also very nice. their design sense is really good

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