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    Winter Skin Care

    Dec 8, 14 • 3232 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    The winter maybe a holiday season for you, but it takes its toll on your skin, hair and nails. The chilly winds, glazing sun, hot baths and dry air all contribute to rough, itchy and irritated skin.  The moisture is stripped away from your hair, skin and...

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    4 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

    Jun 6, 14 • 1304 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Ladies today tend to go out of their way attempting at anything and everything to get that shine and glow which makes one look youthful. While it is wonderful for someone to be so dedicated to the matter why waste many hours in long treatments when one can...

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    Bye Bye Black heads!

    Apr 2, 14 • 1306 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Black heads look very unpleasant. One needs to be very keen in taking care of black heads before they become more deep and big in size. Regular cleansing helps in taking care of these black heads. A good toner helps reduce pours. Blackheads, essentially...

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    Home Remedies for Dark Circles

    Feb 17, 14 • 7915 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    If you really want to get rid of your eye bags and dark circles, we really need to find out what is the root cause for dark circles. Many of us don’t take dark circles seriously, but dark circles on any personnel look really bad. Eye contact is the first...

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    Choose the right Skin Toner!

    Jan 28, 14 • 4852 Views • Skin Care2 Comments

    You’ve got your daily skin care routine: wash, dry and you’re done. You might throw on some lotion if your face is really dry. But that’s just not enough. Maybe your skin still feels oily after you wash it, or you wish your skin and pores...

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    Coconut for Skin

    Jan 13, 14 • 1155 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Coconut is not only great for hair as we traditionally relate it just to our hair but it’s great to use coconut for skin too. If you look and search in the market, for products that have coconut extracts in them you will come across almost every product...

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    How to score perfect glowing skin

    Jan 3, 14 • 1023 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Healthy skin speaks for oneself! Skin that glows shows how healthy your body is from the inside, it goes to show how hygienic one is, what you eat is a balanced diet, and what you think is positive. So a glowing skin always gives positive vibes to others,...

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    Day and Night Cream

    Dec 23, 13 • 5496 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Creams come in handier during the winter season, as our climate in summers is so extreme we hardly apply creams to our skin in summers and go for light lotions instead. Yesterday, I was going through a market and saw day cream and night creams rack and I...

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    Vitamins Vital for a Healthier Skin!

    Dec 16, 13 • 1661 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    As we age, our skin cells loose many vital nutrients that are essential to keeping our skin healthy, strong and youthful. A balanced diet always helps to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. That’s why many dietary nutritionists always plan for a diet plan...

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    Home Remedies for Dry Skin!

    Dec 13, 13 • 767 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Winters are here to stay and we need to be extra careful about are skin, as our skin is the largest cleansing organ in our body. Try to detox your skin with soft hand brushing. Small brushes are available at stores that have soft bristles, go for these...