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  • cover photo

    The Right Way To Get Those Provocative Lips!

    Jan 27, 14 • 3232 Views • Makeup1 Comment

    Get the real look and provocative lips, by applying your lip color the right way. Here we’re going to share some secret tips to enhance your makeup skills. So get ready for that look, the fine pointed lips, with the perfectly done edges. These days matt...

  • Beauty treatment for female hands and feets

    Manicure Pedicure!

    Jan 6, 14 • 4781 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    Manicure and pedicures are essential as nails are a part of our body too and they need to be cleaned from time to time. Women as well men are now very much conscious about getting their mani and pedi done from various salons. But now you can do your mani and...

  • blush1

    Get the glow you want with the right blush on

    Dec 24, 13 • 4650 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    Blush! Blush! Get the glow you want with the right blush on. Today we find many blushes that are merged with shimmers to give a nice glow to your cheeks. Blushes not only come in powder forms but also in cream and round soft balls.   Some people think that...

  • gold nail 5

    Rush for Gold Nail Paint!

    Dec 19, 13 • 2090 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    Brands like Essie, O.P.I, Channel, butter, MAC, Midas, Luscious, and many other nail paint brands are all headed for gold glittered or sand textured nail paints. These look ravishing on your nails especially if you have applied it to the tips over a nude or...

  • contour

    Contouring is the New Photoshop!

    Dec 16, 13 • 3162 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    When applied right, contouring can define your cheekbones and jaw line, reduce the look of a double chin, minimize a larger nose, and lift sagging eyes. It’s basically using makeup to highlight and accentuate your features. This is especially important for...

  • coloredel3

    Eye for an Eyeliner!

    Dec 6, 13 • 1641 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    Still wearing black eyeliner for every event, season and mood? To liven up your look, start wearing colored eyeliner and I’m thrilled to report: I’m in love.  I’m able to brighten up my look without looking like a showgirl or like I just stepped...

  • make eyeslkbig4

    How to make your eyes look bigger?

    Dec 3, 13 • 1202 Views • MakeupNo Comments

      Many of us aren’t blessed with big beautiful eyes. Some of us, have small eyes that don’t quite stand out. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger and better! Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about...

  • greyn2

    Nail it Grey!

    Nov 24, 13 • 866 Views • MakeupNo Comments

      One funny part of fall in New York is that you start spotting all the new nail polish colors on women around town. Covering the whole color spectrum, these nail paints are in a quick-drying, long-lasting base suitable for natural and acrylic nails. We...

  • brushes

    Make up for your makeup brushes

    Nov 6, 13 • 708 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    Make up brushes come real handy when you know their application to refine your technique. Brushes come in all sizes and shapes according to your need so that you get a well blended finish rather than patches of makeup that you usually get from blending in...