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  • beach-curls-without-heat

    Want those Beachy curls? here’s how!

    Aug 26, 14 • 1801 Views • HairNo Comments

    Who doesn’t love the loose curl, lay back look?  Here are three simple ways of getting the natural looking beachy curls, for starters you need to wash your hair and then try pick and choose of these three techniques. Curling Iron: Dry your hair...

  • beautiful-hair1

    7 Effective Hair Growth Home Remedies

    Jul 16, 14 • 1487 Views • Hair2 Comments

    Women are more concerned when it comes to their hair matters. Every woman wishes for long tresses and moreover she puts so much of effort to have long thick hair. Some of them do pay a huge amount for treatments and other unnatural remedies. While some hair...

  • strizhki-dlia-tonkih-volos25

    3 Hairstyles that Make Your Dirty Hair Look Nice

    Jun 11, 14 • 1243 Views • HairNo Comments

    Admit it ladies; every once in a while we simply do not have the time to wash our hair and not everyday can be a hair perfect day. So what to do on days when you are in yet another rush and a quick glance at the mirror makes it more than obvious of your...

  • burgundy

    Coloring Hair: Purple Is The New Red!

    Jun 2, 14 • 10303 Views • HairNo Comments

    So true, purple is the new ‘red’ when it comes to coloring hair now. Purple on dark hair base looks awesome. It can render the punk or the subtle hair colored look too. Coloring one’s hair has evolved over the years, it’s like the hippies...

  • Yellow_Bell_Pepper

    7 Foods to Grow Your Hair Faster

    Jan 8, 14 • 1508 Views • HairNo Comments

    Regular oiling and conditioning helps your hair to achieve a better texture and help them grow a little faster than your usual hair growth routine. But we need to supplement minerals and oils from our diet as well for better faster results. Here are some...

  • hair brunch5

    Hair up, for a Brunch!

    Dec 20, 13 • 1868 Views • HairNo Comments

    Winters are here and so are the outside affairs. Hosts are busy, this season planning for Sunday brunches, Hi-tea, and bar-b-que nights. Dinners that are planned indoors are either ended with a real comfy atmosphere with heaters and hot chocolates and...

  • hair brush 2

    Choosing the right brush for your hair

    Dec 18, 13 • 2017 Views • HairNo Comments

    Choosing the right brush for your hair can be very tricky! This is where we help you choose the best hair brushes for your hair care. Hair brushes come in all different sizes and shapes and we all have been in this situation where we have stood in front of...

  • haircolour4

    Hair dying – An ancient art!

    Dec 11, 13 • 1876 Views • HairNo Comments

    Hair dying has become so vast that this industry has flourished so much in recent years. In old times hair dyes were just popular amongst middle aged men and women but over the years people of different age groups have started using hair dyes increasingly....

  • hairstyle1

    Hair Notion: Choose your style!

    Dec 5, 13 • 928 Views • HairNo Comments

      Hair may be of different types depending on their lengths and textures.  Some people like to keep their hair long; others prefer to cut them short hair. Medium hair length is also kept for no fuss hair dos. Wavy hair and curly hair are these days...

  • Twisted-bun-hair21

    Twisted sister bun!

    Dec 2, 13 • 976 Views • HairNo Comments

      Are you twisted? Twisting your hair is now a common fashion. Twists are made at the sides and pinned with bobby pins or with any embellished pin. Twists are easy and quick and they make you look up to date. Here’s a quick way to make a lovely messy...