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    3 Hairstyles that Make Your Dirty Hair Look Nice

    Jun 11, 14 • 1244 Views • HairNo Comments

    Admit it ladies; every once in a while we simply do not have the time to wash our hair and not everyday can be a hair perfect day. So what to do on days when you are in yet another rush and a quick glance at the mirror makes it more than obvious of your...

  • Sibling-Rivalry

    Why sibling rivalry is good?

    Jun 9, 14 • 1531 Views • FamilyNo Comments

    Sibling rivalry the dreaded battle zone that your house frequently turns into once you have more children; while it may sound like a bad thing; here are a few reasons why sibling rivalry is good. 1. Confidence Boost If a child knows how to protect himself at...

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    4 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

    Jun 6, 14 • 1290 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Ladies today tend to go out of their way attempting at anything and everything to get that shine and glow which makes one look youthful. While it is wonderful for someone to be so dedicated to the matter why waste many hours in long treatments when one can...

  • forbidden-foods-during-pregnancy

    3 Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

    Jun 3, 14 • 1107 Views • HealthNo Comments

    Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy Having a baby is one of the many miracles of life during which a woman must remember that whatever she eats will affect her unborn child. The following are the 3 Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy: 1. Sushi, shellfish and under cooked...

  • salad

    Salads are your best friends

    Dec 13, 13 • 1211 Views • HealthNo Comments

    How does it feel when you are chewing on a luscious juicy beef steak and someone suddenly suggests that you should go for a salad instead. You would probably beat them into a pulp right? Well here are few reasons why you should actually listen to them: 1....

  • sleepy asian girl

    5 Ways to keep your energy up at the office

    Dec 12, 13 • 1513 Views • HealthNo Comments

    If zoning out at the office has become an everyday event and multiple coffee breaks do not help; it is a sign from the brain pleading to boast up on energy supply. Following are the 5 ways to keep your energy up at the office: 1. Early sleep-ins On most days...

  • water-drinking

    3 Tips for a Flat Stomach

    Dec 11, 13 • 1304 Views • HealthNo Comments

    With summer around the corner; having a flat stomach becomes a seasonal must; here are top 3 tips for a flat stomach: 1. Drink more Water Water is a magical solution to all your problems; when your water intake goes up; your body gets balanced and that...

  • partner

    Is your best friend your ideal partner?

    Dec 9, 13 • 1268 Views • Love LifeNo Comments

    The general idea is; make a friend and they will be an ideal partner; what else could you ask for? Well here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t promote your best friend to your partner. Before you decided to promote him; he was a true friend to you; you...

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    3 Signs that you love your phone more than your child

    Dec 6, 13 • 1056 Views • Love LifeNo Comments

    It may sound silly but research shows that with the recent obsession with mobile phones; more and more parents get distracted by their mobile phones as a result of which their children may become anti-social and even seek to do dangerous attention seeking...

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    3 Reasons to work out in the morning

    Nov 4, 13 • 610 Views • HealthNo Comments

    So clearly you are not the early bird and you just about hate mornings. Why would you ever even consider waking an hour earlier than necessary to work out? Here are 3 reasons that will make you want to wake up every morning: 1. Fresh Oxygen Intake Most people...