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    Turkish Hanging Lamps by Ottoman

    Jun 16, 14 • 3153 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    If you’re a person who is mesmerized at looking at beautiful colored glass, then you are definitely up for these traditional Turkish hanging lamps. Glass plays its own grand look to any interior accessory, finishing, or treatment at home. Glass is composed...

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    Celebrities in slim fit

    Jun 16, 14 • 2609 Views • Trend ReportsNo Comments

    If you have that macho, chiseled chest made for slim fits then this your season! If you don’t have the chiseled chest and you have a petite body you can still go for slim fit dress don’t get upset. Take it from Hollywood celebrities in slim fit that have...


    Make Your Own Custom Made Lip Gloss

    Jun 15, 14 • 1248 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    If your one of those people who love to mix up their own lipstick and eye shadow shades to get a different yet chic look, then you must try making your own custom made lip gloss! If your obsessed with an eye shade color which you would love to have as on your...

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    Curved Curtain Rods

    Jun 13, 14 • 1753 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Curtains styles are often changed from time to time. Some are flaunted with beautiful lacey drapes while some are loaded with heavy drapes. Curtains add a flow to your room; they cut the totally straight running lines that we see on our walls, furnishings,...

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    8 Eye Makeup Tips

    Jun 9, 14 • 1438 Views • MakeupNo Comments

    There are some eye makeup tips that do wonders for you. Just following a small tip can give you make up perfections. So here it is, today we’ll be giving out some eye makeup tips that are so easy and when you go through them you will definitely want to try...

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    Arches in Interiors & Exteriors

    Jun 6, 14 • 1754 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Arches add character to your interiors as well as in your exteriors. Arches in interiors give a grand look and add a dramatic effect. You don’t need a big house or a big villa to add  an arch, arches can be placed in small houses too but their placement...

  • burgundy

    Coloring Hair: Purple Is The New Red!

    Jun 2, 14 • 10303 Views • HairNo Comments

    So true, purple is the new ‘red’ when it comes to coloring hair now. Purple on dark hair base looks awesome. It can render the punk or the subtle hair colored look too. Coloring one’s hair has evolved over the years, it’s like the hippies...

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    Bejeweled in Ottoman Jewels

    May 28, 14 • 2408 Views • Accessories Spotlight1 Comment

    Ottoman jewels brings to Pakistan for the very first time authentic Turkish ornaments including Ottoman style jewelry comprising mainly of precious and semi-precious stones both in silver and bronze setting, along with hand made mosaic lamps, hand-crafted...

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    Some Inexpensive Wall Treatments!

    May 28, 14 • 1377 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    Walls to any room can either give you the feeling of openness or it can give u an enclosure. Wall treatments vary from room to room, according to ones needs. Like if you have a studio where you play hard core music you need acoustics to prevent all that noise...

  • kayu_rachelclutch

    Flaunt with Wicker Clutches

    May 7, 14 • 1931 Views • TrendsNo Comments

    Wicker clutches and bags are in fashion again. Designer brands like CHANEL, VERSONA, ANNE, KAYU designs, Ada straw, Kate Spade, Coach, and many other renowned brands have added beautiful wicker and straw clutches in their summer collection for this year....