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    Color of this Season: Emerald or jade

    Nov 6, 13 • 679 Views • Trend ReportsNo Comments

    The tone emerald speaks for its self. Colors define and redefine ones personality. Like the Emerald city from the Wizard of Oz was associated with power, sophistication, luminous, and classical elegance. Even on the ramp you see that emerald tones up lift the...

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    Bold it Black!

    Nov 4, 13 • 703 Views • Color & TrendsNo Comments

    Working with black tones is quiet challenging when your placing black tones in your interiors, it should be kept in mind that black would rather suit in hallways or dark cool spaces rather then warm spaces, where you have your windows or open spaces. Black...

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    Winterize yourself!

    Nov 4, 13 • 548 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    Winters are here to stay for a while, and we all face problems like chapping lips, hair dandruff because of warm baths, dry hands and feet with hard heels and what not. Here are some home remedies that work wonders! For beautiful hands and feet use olive oil...

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    Toile de Juoy

    Nov 4, 13 • 729 Views • TextileNo Comments

    Toile is the name of a fabric that entered the English language around the 16th centuryfrom a French word meaning painting or drawing done on linen cloth or canvas. The word toile can refer to the fabric style itself. Toile de Jouy, sometimes abbreviated to...

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    Tote Bags

    Nov 4, 13 • 1085 Views • Trends1 Comment

    This season carry tote bags, they are cool and casual and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A tote bag falls into the category of handheld bags. It is quite a spacious one that is widely used for carrying manifold items. People carry it to carry books,...