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  • 02b01283

    Increasing demand of eco-friendly homes in Pakistan

    Jul 23, 15 • 1156 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

      Pakistani house-hunters have made eco-friendly homes and sustainable housing features a priority, when it comes to buying or renting houses. These sustainable features have become a necessity due to the persistent 13-15 hours of load-shedding that...

  • Fotolia_12066087_L

    Winter Skin Care

    Dec 8, 14 • 3184 Views • Skin CareNo Comments

    The winter maybe a holiday season for you, but it takes its toll on your skin, hair and nails. The chilly winds, glazing sun, hot baths and dry air all contribute to rough, itchy and irritated skin.  The moisture is stripped away from your hair, skin and...

  • bedroom_bluie

    A guide for painting your Room!

    Sep 11, 14 • 1646 Views • InteriorsNo Comments

    The color scheme of a room can often be the most edgy and defining feature of the room. Ever moved into a house with horrible and dirty white walls? Ever wanted to change the look of your room without investing a fortune in it? Well then the solution is...

  • KHTA

    Kabhi Hum Thay Ashna – a telefilm by Jawad Bashir

    Feb 23, 14 • 3604 Views • UncategorizedNo Comments

    a telefim by JAWAD BASHIR Produced & Directed By: Jawad Bashir Written By: Kashif Akram Cast: Aabid Ali, Hina Jawad,  Faria Bukhari and Hassan Khan Kabhi Hum Thay Ashna – Part 1 of 7 Kabhi Hum Thay Ashna – Part 2 of 7 Kabhi Hum Thay Ashna...