Arches in Interiors & Exteriors

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Arches add character to your interiors as well as in your exteriors. Arches in interiors give a grand look and add a dramatic effect. You don’t need a big house or a big villa to add  an arch, arches can be placed in small houses too but their placement should be right. Here are some of the reasons why we like to put up arches in our homes:

  • They can act as a framework highlighting a spectacular outdoor view,
  • separate rooms from each other,
  • create a focal point within a space or act as a portal from one space to another.

We need to know that arches are a treatment given to a wall space. There are different kinds of arches, of which 3 most common ones are:

The Soft Arch: The soft arch is also referred to as the segmented or the eyebrow arch, where it is a segment of a circle.  These work beautifully with both high and low header heights. It’s a slight arch that is not to curved but slightly curved to add some curvature to your wall.

The Half Circle Arch: The half circle arch is reminiscent of RomanArchitecture and is typically introduced into more Tuscan, Spanish Colonial and Traditional interiors. This arch tends to require more generous ceiling heights due to radius of the arc. It is deeper in arch, it’s more like a proper half circle cut into your wall.

The Elliptical Arch: This elliptical shape has a much more subtle radius in the center and a tighter corner radius. It’s more like a soft arch + a half circle arch merge together to make your elliptical arch.  This is more decorative as it is an infusion of both the latter arches, it has a slight curve at the top and the sides are kept deeper like the half circle arch with roman decorative elements on the sides.


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