Add vintage elements to your homes

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“Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new…” The recipe for the perfect interior is not much different than a bride’s mantra for the perfect wedding day.


Adding vintage elements has always been something special. Some of you may have always been vintage lovers, others may be recent converts, but there are certainly more and more people discovering the beauty of vintage furniture and décor items and it has become a key decorating trend.


The trick to working with vintage is to add key pieces which create a blend of past and the present. It’s the contrast of the worn against the new that gives charm to this style of decorating. Contrasts is the basic key to old with new, rough with smooth, square with round, color against neutral, combinations of pattern with similar hue.


So here’s how you can go about it:

  • Firstly select a room to be renovated, then analyze your room by observing the existing furniture pieces.
  • Make a small drawing of your room, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just squares and rectangles on paper of your existing furniture placement.
  • Now move these squares and try new furniture placements, and see if you can find a different, more practical arrangement. Once your done doing that. Look around and see what needs to be put back in your storage.
  • Go around and survey second hand vintage pieces or visit auctions to purchase beautiful antique pieces. It can be a picture, mirror, a rug, a chest, book of drawer, a vase, or any other accessory. Make sure to follow two rules:
  • Find the right piece
  • Place the item that you have selected and see if it needs any repairs or finishing. Get it fixed or repair what you need to repair.
  • Place your antique in the room and see how it goes in the room, add a throw of similar tone, or a few accessories to blend it in, for smoother eye movement. And you’ll see that your taste will be reflected in the room.

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