8 tips for Nail Care!

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Nails are the first to be effected when you have any sort of deficiencies in your body. Clinical doctors always check your nails, eyes, skin, and hair before diagnosing a disease and recommend related tests for it. So your nails can tell a lot about your personality.

Apart from taking supplements and eating the right food for your hair and nail growth, you need to overlook a few things, like hygiene.

  1. 1.    Use a nail brush to properly clean your nails.

Nail brush can be a proper nail brushes available in supermarkets or you can even go for an old tooth brush, wash it with soap and then brush your nails gently not vigorously. The best way to remember brushing your nails is by placing it on your sink right next to your soap dish, so every time you wash your hands you can brush your nails clean too.

1-nail brush

  1. 2.    Garlic when rubbed on to your nails gives it a strength and gets rid of brittleness

Crushed or clove garlic when rubbed on your nails gives it strength, and shine. The odor can be a bit of a problem but with lemon and salt you can get rid of the odor in no time. But if your still a bit conscious then you can do it on a weekend.

 2-garlic cloves

  1. 3.    Lemon helps reduce yellowness

Lemon helps reducing the yellowness that usually comes from a lot of staining and applying nail polish. You have to be a bit of in charge of controlling your self from applying too much nail paint. Leave lemon rind on your nails for a while and let your nails breath.


  1. 4.    A solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide kills fungi

One part vinegar and two parts hydrogen peroxide to eliminate nail fungus, but I should tell you it’s a slow process but it works wonders.

 4 hydrogen peroxide

  1. 5.    Primrose oil supplements are great for both nail and hair care

Primrose oil supplements are readily available now at different outlets, like GNC and Route 2. You can easily find them from pharmacy’s too.

 5- primrose

  1. 6.    Almond oil massaged into your cuticles is great for moisturizing your nails

Almond oil also helps in giving your nails the healthy look and it’s best if you apply it in your cuticle with a cuticle tip for soft nail edges and ridges.


  1. 7.    Regular manicure and pedicure can be done at home

Earlier we have discussed how you can easily set up manicures and pedicures at home, you don’t have to visit any fancy salons for a mani or pedi. So look back into our nail care mani pedi blog.

 Beauty treatment for female hands and feets

  1. 8.    Get a nail buffer, and use nail buffers

Nail buffers are a great way of keeping your nails healthy and shaped up. It’s like a four sided rectangular cube that has a sanding on one side, a nail shiner, sand for ridges, and a buffer. To keep your nails all shaped up. If you ask me, Body Shop has a great buffer, it’s usually placed on their counters next to the register, so check that out.

8-nail buffer and sally hansen hard as nails strengthener

These are the few things that if one takes care of you will easily keep your nails healthy and shiny.

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