5 Ways to keep your energy up at the office

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If zoning out at the office has become an everyday event and multiple coffee breaks do not help; it is a sign from the brain pleading to boast up on energy supply. Following are the 5 ways to keep your energy up at the office:

1. Early sleep-ins

On most days the 24 hours in a day might feel less to get everything that needs to be done; actually done! However, do not forget that the body needs equal parts of sleep and time to recover from the daily wear and tear of everyday. An early sleep will help jump start the day with renewed energy.

 2. Breakfast after Bed

With ‘early to bed’ checked on your list; now get on with munching on nutritious goodies for the day. A nice big healthy breakfast, which includes fruits; fresh juices, yogurt and eggs are the best energy resource that can be provided to the body for the long day ahead.

3. Fuel up on Fluids

70% of the body is made of water therefore the most vital resource, imagine how the body would function without its most precious ingredient? Drink up at least 8 glasses of water every day; not only would that result in a boost of energy it is also a miracle answer for a glowing skin.

4. Carbs are your friends

The fastest and easiest way for your body to stalk up on energy is to get some carbohydrates into your body. Skipping on carbs is one of the biggest reasons for fatigue and sluggish behaviour.

5. Early Morning Work Out

Whether it is an early morning jog or a ‘touch my toes’; get into a daily ritual of it. Nothing says ‘Go away Fatigue’ than doing a cardio work out.

Stick to the 5 solutions above and office will be a breeze.

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