4 Factors that Cause Hair Loss in Women

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Gone is the tie when men were the only ones worrying about hair loss. Hair loss has become more common in both genders over time and here are some reasons that actually promote hairloss:

1. Genetic

If your family has a history with hair loss you will definitely be on that path but the important thing is to keep that head held high and not stress out as there are plenty alternative solutions.

2. High Levels of Stress

How many times have you heard of this one? Yet it stays true; the more stressed out you will be the faster the hair will literally drop out of your head.

3. Improper Diet

Women do not realise it but their diet is far more important to keep sustained as there are several supplements that their body requires on a daily basis from their intake. Vitamin A and D for example are two such supplements.

4. Improper Sleep Cycle

Women have a tendency of staying up all night worrying about one thing or another; the sleepness of it all can of course once again result in hair loss.

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