3 Signs that you love your phone more than your child

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It may sound silly but research shows that with the recent obsession with mobile phones; more and more parents get distracted by their mobile phones as a result of which their children may become anti-social and even seek to do dangerous attention seeking activities. Following are the signs that you love your phone more than your child:

1. Clutching the phone tighter than your child

Children are naturally attention seeking; if they observe that you are preoccupied with your phone all the time they may either envy your phone or perform some dangerous activity just so that you can pay attention to them.

2. No phone rules

In a house with impressionable children there must be rules about mobile phone usage; there should be an area or time allotted where the family sits together not as bodies clutching their mobile phones but as people physically and mentally present in the same room.

3. Using Bluetooth while driving

Not only is it dangerous; it is also another factor that adds to your ‘who is the favourite’ list because from the kid’s point of view their parent is always on the phone.

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