3 Reasons to work out in the morning

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Recently engaged Reese Witherspoon jogging in Santa Monica with fiance Jim Toth.So clearly you are not the early bird and you just about hate mornings. Why would you ever even consider waking an hour earlier than necessary to work out? Here are 3 reasons that will make you want to wake up every morning:

1. Fresh Oxygen Intake

Most people prefer to go for an evening jog; what they do not realise is that in the evening the trees are breathing out carbon dioxide which is not at all good for them, in contrast if they go for an early morning workout; they will get pure nature’s oxygen which will freshen them right out.

2. Energy Revitalised

If you are not a morning person then this is specially for you because working out in the morning leaves one’s energy reserves revitalised; which leaves you with energy and cures your morning drowsiness.

3. Increased Motivation

If you had a depressing night; burning those calories will burn away the depression as well leaving you motivated for the new day.


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