3 Hairstyles that Make Your Dirty Hair Look Nice

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Admit it ladies; every once in a while we simply do not have the time to wash our hair and not everyday can be a hair perfect day. So what to do on days when you are in yet another rush and a quick glance at the mirror makes it more than obvious of your greasy pride? Embarrassed? Don’t be! Here are 3 Hairstyles that Make Your Dirty Hair Look Nice!

1. The Bed Head


This style is simple and the name even gives it away. Open your hair; give it a little twirl at the ends with a curling iron; add some hairspray and mess it up a bit. You have an effort less hairstyle which hides away the greasiness and actually makes it look like you put it some effort. Making you feel very sexy.

2. The messy comb over


This one is easy; use the greasiness to your advantage and comb back your hair. Keep running your fingers through your hair and you have yet another effortless style. The same can be worked if tied into a high pony.

3. The Braided effect


This one of course is the last resort. If your hair are simply too greasy from the lack of washing; what better way to wear it then to braid it!



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